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The Claudettes
North Street Cabaret
Madison, WI
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The Claudettes
LOUDER THAN WAR (Manchester, UK)   A magnificent melange of masterful musicianship and multifarious melodiesas infectious as it is eclecticstart with some Delta blues, add a bit of old-time jazz/swing, sprinkle on some rockabilly guitar here and there and add a smattering of punk attitude.The music is joyous, a celebratory fusion of the best of the different styles that make up the melting pot that is Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium!

FRANK GUTCH JR, NO DEPRESSION           Holy MackerelI hear so many levels of what I consider amazing creativityThe Claudettes give me that same rush I get every time I hear Gruppo Sportivothis album will end up on a very special list at the end of the yearI hear touches of Jerry Lee Lewis at his most manicof cinemaof multiple genres wrapping around one anotherThese guys are the B-movies of the music worldmaybe not understood now, but in the future, the kings and queens of the universe!

FRED MILLS, BLURT                                            The quartetmusters more per-capita energy across these dozen tunes than most any garage combo youd care to mentionepic in feelcinematica kind of cross between Dr. John-styled Nawlins rock and Krautrock-laced psychedelic punk.a musical magicians act, primarily based around hi-nrg blues-jazz compositions for piano, bass, drums, and vocals, and a helluva lot of fun.

BLUES MAGAZINE (The Netherlands):            Soul, rhythm & blues and heavily fuzzy, sometimes psychedelic, sound walls. Garagesoul!.The Claudettes have succeeded in mixing this catchy 60s pop and soul sounds with their quirky bluespunk sound!

SOUL AND JAZZ AND FUNK (UK)                  The intriguing new album from off-the-wall Chicago band the Claudettes.The foursome steadfastly refuses to categorize their musicthough you might detect vaudeville, punk, blues and 60s soul influencesinteresting attempts to marry the classic girl-group sound of the Brill Building Era with Phil Spectors Wall of Sound.

BILL BENTLEYS BANDSTAND, THE MORTON REPORT             Theyve got firepower to spare, a bushel of original songsthat can be detonated at will, and in lead singer Berit Ulseth someone that sounds like theyve been waiting their whole life to front this band. There is simply no way to losea place not often visited these days by rock & rollers.These are a dozen songs played for keepsguaranteed to turn everything from a gymnasium for juveniles to a geriatrics ward into a hothouse of delirious delight. Wear it out.

GARY GRAFF, BILLBOARD                                The Claudettes begin a whole new era with Dance Scandal at The Gymnasium! The 12-song set showcases a different lineup of the bandbut thats only made the Claudettes distinct and idiosyncratic blendpunk, blues, R&B, rockabilly, some jazzmore potent.

JEFF ELBEL, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES              The band honors its disparate roots while crowding the palette even further on the new album.New Orleans stroll, roots, jazz, krautrock and rockabilly are swirled into the delightfully confounding mixture.Zach Verdoorn plays frequently feral bass and guitar. Berit Ulseths supple, jazz-schooled voice is a natural fit for the band.Iguana deploys his piano as a blunt-force instrument.

CONCERTO MAGAZINE (Austria)                 Chicago piano blues-punk, spiced up with a pinch of jazz, psychedelic music and soulquite an unusual listening experienceeccentricUlseth is an extraordinary singerBlues, but of the extraordinary variety. (4 out of 5 stars)

SPILL MAGAZINE (Toronto):            The Claudettes areputting out music that sounds unlike like anything out there now.Berit Ulseth is the siren singer of the group, with a voice that just lures you in.They have roots in the bluesy jazz groups of the past, the classic rock n roll from the beginning, current folk influences, some country mixed in, and something special that is simply impossible to place.Their newest album really is a true masterpiece.Its unlike anything Ive heard before. 10/10.

NICK CRISTIANO, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER     The title of the bands album, Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium!, hints at the kind of kitschy fun percolating under this audaciously genre-defying set.From roots to pop to punk, the musical strains span decades as well as styles, making for a mash-up delivered with deft musicianship and flair.

RICK MASON, MINNEAPOLIS CITY PAGES             Trying to parse the sprawling, shapeshifting, intoxicating gloop that Chicagos Claudettes concoct would be Utterly Absurd. Thats the title of a noisy, twisted stomp on the quartets new albumit sounds like psychobilly night at New Orleans Dew Drop Inn. Blues, punk, and vintage rock slip up top, swirling around the piano antics of blues/art-rock vet Johnny Iguana.Berit Ulseths jazz-schooled, country-edged vocals add another dozen intriguing dimensionsMinneapolis City Pages

SCENE POINT BLANK                                          The punk vibe stems from the energy that pours out of your speakers.A brilliant production from Mark Neill.What really lured me in is Berit Ulseths vocalsshe is the real star of the albumI can only advise you to give the new Claudettes album a spin. I think Ill leave it on repeat8.0/10

DISCO CLUB (ITALY)                                           These Claudettes intrigued mea cross between rock, diverted R&B and instrumental virtuositycomplex and fascinating melodiesalso the vocal harmonies, almost like the Beach Boys, are formidable.If you want to do an experiment in a parallel world where pop is out of any pattern, try this Dance Scandal At The Gymnasium. I do not know if they make scandal, but good (and strange) music, surely.

MINNPOST (Minneapolis)                                          You could throw a lot of descriptors at the Claudettes, and they would all stick: Windy City blues, punk blues, jazz, roots, rockabilly, soul, juke joint.Johnny Iguana is a hardcore piano banger; vocalist Berit Ulseth has a clear, sweet voice with a spine of steel. The music is fierce and the lyrics are wicked. If youre on the hunt for something you havent heard before, this Chicago-based band is probably it.

BILL KOPP, MUSOSCRIBE                                 They look like a jazz trio and vocalist; they sound not at all like thatI cant think of another group that combines barrelhouse piano and female chanteuse vocals with heavily-effected electric guitar and slamming drumsdraws as much from hard and psychedelic rock as it does from Nawlins piano boogieyou must listen to the ClaudettesI liked these guys when they started out, and I think I love them now.

THE SECOND DISC                                                 The Chicago groupintroduces vocalist Berit Ulseths smoky stylings.blends crunchy riffs with rhythm and blues, sixties-style pop and soul, and plenty of attitude.The sound is raw and immediate.This Scandal boasts punk spirit, earworm melodies, and a neo-retro sound thats loaded with appeal.

THE VINYL DISTRICT                                          The Claudettes have been tagged as punk-blues, but on this CD immediately connect as something other/more than growled-out Willie Mabon covers slathered in amp gristle. If steeped in tradition, the Claudettes arent a replication (or, as said, a mere dirtying up) of it, instead exuding comfort with contemporary motions (Mark Neill produced) as new vocalist Berit Ulseth shines, especially on Pull Closer to Me and Death and Traffic. Iguanas skills are fully showcased on the title track. A-

TROY MICHAEL, INNOCENT WORDS         The first album for the Claudettes to feature their touring bandpays off handsomely.featuring raw and unencumbered musicianshipthe 12-track album features the soul of the 60s, psychobilly punk of the early 80s and vaudevillian blues. Like an angels voice hovering over the music is one of the bands multiple singers, Berit Ulseth. (She) has a booming voice, but is able to reel it into a soft sensual tone as she commands your attention.One of the most entertaining and unique albums of this year.

DETROIT METRO-TIMES                                  Psychobilly might be an unfamiliar term to some, but when describing Chicago cabaret rockers the Claudettes, its pretty damn accurate.The sultry, retro moodiness captured on the bands latest record sums up what makes the Claudettes twisted ragtime vibe stand out from your typical revivalists.The Claudettes are well versed in whimsy, and throwing listeners for a loop.

GRANT BRITT, NO DEPRESSION                  A spacey mix of themes, styles, and genresoffering up a mash-up of Fess and Tuts Washington carnival barrelhouse boogie. But The Claudetttes never do anything straight up, so Iguana and his cohorts stir in a Middle Eastern vibe as well courtesy of the ghostly ululations of vocalist Ulseth.Whatever else he brings into the equation, Iguana cant stay away from Fess too long, paying him instrumental homage on the title cut. But Ulseth takes this one out of the New Orleans streets and into a Middle Eastern casbah with her haunting moans.

IMPOSE MAGAZINE                                              Sets the stage for a prom full of suspense, mystery & strangeness.The old-timey meets the modern scandal showcase of Naked on the Internetbefore shutting down the entire time-warping dance party with Utterly Absurd. The new Claudettes record is one worthy of repeated listens to enjoy a variety of different facets from what is ultimately a complex piece of performance concept pop.

BLUESBUNNY (Glasgow, Scotland)                        Manic barrelhouse maniaa search and destroy mission.Pull Closer to Me, with the intoxicating voice of Berit Ulseth out front, soon becomes the song that will steal your heartAn album with hipster appeal but, for those of us with a heart, it is what resides beneath the fast-flowing waves of musical energy that will make our day. That, in case you havent guessed it already, is soul.

EMERGING INDIE BANDS (UK)                     Welcoming and warm dirty blues that grinds its way through the speakers filling the room with music that invites the listener to tarry in its company, like an invitation to share a drink in a ramshackle bar offered to a stranger in townand long before the first song has run its course the audience feels The Claudettes are long-time travelling companions.

GIRL UNDERGROUND MUSIC                         With elements of blues, soul, punk, and flat out noise, the quartet have something truly unique that you have to hear to understandeven if it only succeeds to confuse you more.

THE ALTERNATE ROOT:                                   Psychobilly, 60s rock n soul and vaudeville blues blare from the bandstandfrenetic pianobig-band-era harmonyamphetamine drivewhirling 60s girl-group popcyclonic rhythmsjackhammer grooveas the Claudettes theatre-whisper the news for Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium!

THE GINGER QUIFF (UK)                                  There were moments in Twin Peaks (when) I sat and wondered what the hell I had just seen. I had similar experiences listening to the Claudetteswhat on earth did I just hear?A joy to behold.From first song to last, the whole album is masterful.If you arent shattered with a huge grin on your face after listening to this album, you havent been listening hard enough.

KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL        The Claudettes clobber convention with Scandal.a complex amalgamation of blues, jazz and organic rock with an adult lyrical bent and stunningly melodious vocals by primary singer Berit Ulseth.As engaging as the vivacious and often romping instrumentation is, Ulseths commanding vocals, steadfast and dulcet, flood the songs with humanity.Bands like The Claudettes make it easier to cope with a crazy world. (4 out of 5 stars)

MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE      Another alluringly idiosyncratic mélange of blues, jazz, pop, rockabilly, punk and soul with a sometimes noirish vibe (Dont Stay with Me, November) and a sometimes kinetic kick (Influential Farmers, Taco Night Material)or both (the title track). Berit Ulseth has the right blend of mysteriousness and sweetness for this material, which is skillfully spiked by veteran Johnny Iguanas versatile and enthusiastic keyboards.

JPS MUSIC BLOG                                                    You are instantly drawn in by the sweet, soulful vocals of Berit Ulseth. They incorporate a 60s R&B vibe in the groove of Give It All Up For Good and the nostalgic jazzy vibe of Naked On The Internet. The band shines beautifully on the sensual ballad Pull Closer To Me.

KEYBOARD MAGAZINE:                                    Blues with the ferocity of punk.The piano takes center stage in the bands music and songwriting, as it does on their new song Dont Stay with Me, our featured track this week.

TOM HAUGEN, DAILY VAULT                         An unlikely meshing of blues, rockabilly, jazz and 60s pop, all with traces of burlesque and vaudeville spirit.The new tunes are highlighted by Ulseths seductive pipes.Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium is both reserved and ignited, sophisticated and reckless, and it contains some of the best elements of every notable genre of music since the 60s.There arent too many albums that can remind you of both the Cramps and Patsy Cline. A-.

COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT        Chicagos eclectic blues weirdos the Claudettes rely on Berit Ulseths soaring vocals to infuse their music with punk and rockabilly elements. For this new album, the band relied on Black Keys engineer Mark Neill to combine a Phil Spector-style wall of sound with the cheesy ambience of your high school hallways. The results, while initially puzzling, yield a dozen pesky earworm tracks.

AXS                                                                                 Audiences looking for an album that will grab them by the ear and not let go will want to check out this record.

BEEHIVE CANDY                                                    The band have a delightfully unique musical soundthe musical hooks are everywhere. Not being certain of what each piece might bring adds to the excitement. This really is an album worth some time digging into.

THE AUTUMN ROSES                                          Dizzying rhythms dance as elegant, vintage melodies cloak its dramas in cool. Then a quiet, warm romance glows with an enchanting warmth. Dont Stay with Me and Pull Closer to Me are both polished, independently minded jewels.

INDIE VOICE BLOG                                                Chicago has long been on the cutting edge of the blues, and the Claudettes are one of the finest bands we have ever heard that originated in the Windy City. The smoky hot vocals of Berit Ulseth and the scorching piano of Johnny Iguana ignite to set their music on fireits sound will remain with you long after.The Claudettes must be a dynamic live band, because that performance energy comes through on every track. Run, dont walk to your nearest retailer and get this one today.

INDIE BAND GURU                                                Packed full of soul and spice.We are swooped into a dream world full of romantic vibes.The Claudettes is a band not found often in our time. It mixes the old and the new and spins what is a beloved genre and morphs it into a hailstorm of vocals and instruments in the best way.

BUZZ MAGAZINE (Champaign, IL)            Brimming with soul and funka fun and exciting listening experience.Ulseths voice sounds like an old friends, and that helps to create a deeper understanding.(They show) off their musical prowess while creating a well-rounded album that is a delight.

THE ALTERNATE ROOT                                    The piano of Johnny Iguana sets the pace, the rhythm, and guides the Claudettes into the promise of Give It All Up for Good on a brutal beat.

MICHAEL DOHERTYS MUSIC LOG               I wasnt prepared for the wild ride this disc took me onthe music feels outside of timeThis band really has its own sound, its own perspective, its own vibe. And it has something to say.

RECORD DEPT. MUSIC REVIEWS                  Combines musical styles for a retro vibe with modern tongue-in-cheek humor.Both the Claudettes and their genre-blending Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium album are fascinating and ever-evolving.

RAGE MONTHLY                                                                    An intelligent mix of songs that speak to today and never stop pushing the boundaries of their musical expression.

GARY GRAFF, OAKLAND (MI) DAILY TRIBUNE  An idiosyncratic blendpunk, blues, R&B, rockabilly, cabaret, some jazzthats both indescribable and undefinable.

DAGGER ZINE                                                                          I have to admit it took me a little while to wrap my head around this record.an enticing mix of soul, blues, folk, and punkloose, occasionally loud and lasciviousDont Stay With Me features some rolling and rollicking piano while November is all late night lounge lizard swing.

THE DELI MAGAZINE (Chicago)                The band blends blues, soul, punk, and more into a sound that is all their own. Its somewhere on the venn diagram of Little Richard, Fiona Apple, and Nirvana.

FLOORSHIME ZIPPER BOOTS                        A rocking version of urban blues that is stylish and sultry. Frontwoman Berit Ulseth wows with vocals as smooth as a chocolate shake.The band colors its sound with some heavy rock and jazzy touches to create an album as strong as the Chicago winter. This is a must have.

DAILY HERALD (Chicago)                                            If you drew a Venn diagram illustrating the overlap between bawdy blues, rowdy rock and manic punk, you could very well find Chicagos The Claudettes at that intersection. I can think of no better way to describe the soulful and engaging songs this band conjures up.

COOL CLEVELAND                                                The Claudettes mix up musical styles and eras with insouciant glee. Rockabilly, punk, classic soul, vintage burlesque house jazz and piano-driven jump blues all bubble up in their cauldron of sound.

PASADENA WEEKLY                                           They may be hell for agents to market, but the unpredictability of eclectic bands like this is refreshing.(they) imaginatively stir blues, New Orleans jazz, grungy rock and pop, shifting time signatures with abandon.

REXBASS.COM                                                         The Claudettes are hard to pin down to any one genre.There is a definitely a blues influence, but there is also a heavy jazz theme, and to lesser degrees you will hear rock, boogie-woogie, punk, and god know what else. All of these elements add up to a wonderful slice of Americana.These guys can really play: Iguana has a killer dexterity and a righteous touch on the keys, Verdoorn is ultimately versatile and has wicked bass and guitar tones, and Torre is a frickin drumming machine. Damn.

ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER                                They pull out all the stops on their latest album.12 eclectic tunes run the gamutpiano-driven Chicago blues and improvisational soul/jazz with a heartfelt punk rock attitude, played with a quirky tin-pan alley, neo-vaudevillian swagger.(Berit Ulseth is) endearing and seductiveimmense musical chopsIguanas social commentary and character-based storytelling are equally impressive.The band covers a broad musical spectrum

NEW CITY (CHICAGO)                          It seems that every conceivable musical genre pairing has been attemptedIts comparatively rare to discover an artist creating something that feels fresh and new out of existing musical forms. Chicago band The Claudettes are just such artistsTheres a strong foundation of barrelhouse and stride piano jazz, but theres plenty of boogie-woogie as wellSome call it punk jazz; others label it psychobilly R&B. In the end, labels dont matter, nor do they get at the heart of the music from this innovative and constantly evolving outfit.

ALTCOUNTRYFORUM.NL (Netherlands)              Playfulraw, exciting From soul, rhythm & blues to a dash of jazz to rockabilly and punk musicintriguing, sometimes theatrical and unpredictablea cool recordthe Claudettes deserve to be heard, especially on the various Dutch stages.


PULL CLOSER TO ME: Live in the Piano Room review:

JEFF BURGER, THE MORTON REPORT     Three fine songs by the Claudettes Johnny Iguanaplus four covers that youd never expect to find in one place: T.Rexs Cosmic Dancer; Pink Floyds Us and Them, combined, if you can believe it, with a whistled portion of Otis Reddings (Sittin On) The Dock of the Bay; Ruby and the Romantics 1963 hit, Our Day Will Come; and the Sundays Heres Where the Story Ends. Everything here is excellent but the latter two tracks, both featuring sublime vocalist Berit Ulseth, are particularly arresting.



GREG KOT, CHICAGO TRIBUNE   A revelatory blend of jazz and blues, stirred with punk brio. There are also dashes of classical and world music, and enough stops, starts and hairpin turns to suggest the giddiness of Raymond Scotts cartoon musicHow do they do it?

Johnny talks with Greg Kot in an extended Chicago Tribune interview

Greg also picks The Claudettes NO HOTEL as one of his top Chicago albums of 2015

MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE  A skewed cabaret band of jazz, blues and rockabillyA sensibility that feels equal parts James Dean and David Lynch.

JEFF ELBEL, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES  Chicagos premiere punk-blues piano band are back in high gear. Their fusion of sounds (ranges) from Otis Spann to the Minutemen and from Ray Charles to Raymond Scott(and they) do wicked things to standards.

NEW CITY (CHICAGO)   Definitely one you should be spinningtheres enough energy going on to power your average Third World airportbarreling, hyper-saloon piano bangingyou have to hear it to believe itChicagos own neo-vaudeville barnstormers!

ELMORE   An album that makes you feel like youve stepped into the past, yet its very much fresh and energizing. The Claudettes bring on the roots scene as you have never heard it before. Yanas pop-soul voice is straight out of the 60s and blends so well with the drumsticks, piano hammers and vintage swagger.

PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY   Heavyweight piano man Johnny Iguana, drummer Michael Caskey and singer-dancer Yana create a kicked-up mix of blues, jazz and soul youll remember long afterward.

NO DEPRESSION   The Claudettes attack the blues with the ferocity of punk rock on their sophomore album. NO HOTEL puts the rock n roll in the rhythm & bluesa 45-minute barn-burning party that you never want to end. Move over, Mose Allison, the Claudettes have arrived to give the blues a much needed kick in the ass.

BIG CITY BLUES MAGAZINE   An entirely reconfigured Claudettes with the very welcome addition of the captivating, nay sultry, vocalist/dancer Yana. The trio move deftly from the Roaring Twenties to the 1940s to the 1960ssoulfuljazzyhypnotichot-rod drumsshades of Cecil Gant crossed with Otis SpannYana needs her own album, shes that good.

TONY SARABIA, WBEZ (CHICAGO NPR) Call it Brother Ray Meets the Ramones, Barrelhouse Thunder, Chopin Meets the Minutemenor maybe, just call it great music.

INNOCENT WORDS   Imagine a 1920s New York jazz supper club where Bessie Smith is owning the stage, and in the back there is another room where Ray Charles is playing 1960s soul, and off in the distance is a beautiful black lady singing French songs. That is the beauty of NO HOTEL by Claudettes. If Keith Moon had played the piano, he would have been Johnny Iguanahe is taking the piano to a whole new levelhot damn!

TIM QUINE, RUBBER CITY REVIEW (AKRON, OH)   Pianist Johnny Iguana is the real deal. Together (with Caskey) they make a powerful sound, steeped in the legendary blues duets of Otis Spann and S.P. Leary but also weaving in strains of cabaret, vaudeville and even punk rock.

THE HOLLER (NEWS OF THE COLORADO BLUES SCENE)   The blues turned inside out. Imagine Roosevelt Sykes mixed with David Bowie, only with soul. Polyrhythmic boogie-woogie piano from Iguana with freestyle drumming from Caskey. A dynamic, swinging approach to music. If you have a chance to see the Claudettes, do it.

The Claudettes selected as Bluesbreaker of the Week by Dan Aykroyd (a.k.a. Elwood Blues) on Bluesmobile!

The Claudettes featured on Sound Opinions, The Worlds Only Rock and Roll Talk Show!

DOWNBEAT   Hits listeners upside the head with a mash-up of Otis Spann blues, Albert Ammons boogie-woogie, Ray Charles soul and Fess Longhair New Orleans R&B. Catch them in a chaotic ballroom!

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES   Fuses blues and punk, and all points between.The hectic boogaloo of Deep Soul for High Society pays rowdy homage to Ray Charlesprodigious skill, but not purism.

BG (BUDDY GUYS BLUES AND MUSIC NEWS)   Uninhibited, wild, excitingyet deep-rooted Chicago blues. A very powerful and impassioned album done as only true Chicago blues masters could do it. With this album, Johnny could easily inherit Big Moose Walkers mantle as the piano wild man of Chicago blues. A pair like the Claudettes really shows the continued vitality and possibilities of Chicago blues in the 21st century.

COLOSSAL POP   Beautiful and chaotic and wildly impressive all at once.If you would have told me three weeks ago that the most played album in my rotation would be a piano and drum instrumental album, I would have laughed.Im all in. I love this album and the Claudettes may be my new favorite band!

BLUES MUSIC MAGAZINE   Like Keith Moon chasing a crazed, punked-up Little Richard greasy rhythm and blues that makes the dance floor so slippery you need to sprinkle sawdust on the floor to keep from falling downa great ride, one thatll leave you shaking and laughing and wanting more the next time this rowdy carnival comes to town.

BLUES BLAST:  Their ambition and hard work have been rewarded with a fabulous albumunquestionably danceable and refreshingly unique40 minutes of high-energy fun.

BLUES BYTES (SURPRISE PICK OF THE MONTH, NOVEMBER 2013)   One of the freshest discs that has crossed my ears in a long timean amazing findIguana and Caskey play their instruments like men possessed.

AMERICAN BLUES SCENE   Johnny Iguana sounds like a saloon pianist from the Wild West brought to the future, his own vaudeville style modernized alongside Caskeys sweet and delectable drumming, blending blues, jazz and a good time, creating an album unlike any other on the market.

EDEN BRENT (VIA FACEBOOK)   Has all the sophistication of 21st-century serious music with a helluva sense of humor.Most interesting piano album in my collection since Brubecks Take Five.

CAUGHT IN THE CAROUSEL   They come across like a ragtime White Stripes, tearing through the 13 numbers here with an undeniable musical velocity.Truly one of the most refreshing musical experiences of the year.

FOLK AND ACOUSTIC MUSIC EXCHANGE   Some of the most startling music you are going to hearyou are in for a wild ride. They seem like two madmenbut they are two madmen in beautiful tight rhythm.

BMANS BLUES REPORT   A nonstop piano riot.With Hound Dog Taylor Taylor intensity, the two men create a rockin frenzy.Iguana has a lot to say and says a lot without saying a word.

SEPIACHORD   Soon to be classica vintage vibe that should find ears with neo-hipsters, old-school cool cats and contemporary greasers alike.

POP MATTERS  Greasy keyboard-based barrelhouse blues with a side of heavy beat that evokes early Chicago R&B/rockmakes you jump and dancea little scary, but thats just part of the dangerous thrill.

CASCADE BLUES ASSOCIATION  Definitely nothing remotely blues-rock. There is a timeless feeling meshing the great pianists of the past with a modern flair that resembles nobody else.

THE ISTHMUS (MADISON, WI)  The Claudettes are your new favorite party band. The Chicago quartet is rooted in Windy City piano blues, but their sound also includes elements of rockabilly, punk, burlesque and vaudeville, resulting in a band youd be likely to hear at the speakeasy version of CBGBs.


North Street Cabaret (View)
610 North St
Madison, WI 53704
United States


Music > Rock

Minimum Age: 21
Kid Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: No
Non-Smoking: Yes!
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!


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