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The Inspired Waterfountain Players Present The Elephant in the Room (11-29)
Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater
Minneapolis, MN
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Presented by Northern Nights Productions
Created by Jake Mierva and Danylo Loutchko
Written and Directed by Jake Mierva


Staged as an open rehearsal for critically acclaimed writer/director Jack Marvins brand new play The Elephant in the Room, the audience is invited to sit in on the rehearsal process. Feuding actors, a bitter stage manager, and a drunken director all desperately try to keep the rehearsal on track, but things quickly spiral out of control.

The Inspired Waterfountain Players is Jack Marvins brainchild. The idea came to him suddenly while he was standing next to a water fountain in the basement of a local theater. Acting on this burst of inspiration, he quickly invited all the best actors in his local community theatre to join him. He also hired a professional Irish actor using money he inherited from his grandmother. Thus, a world-class theatre troupe was born.

The play The Elephant in the Room is another one of Jack Marvins brainchildren. He describes it as everything that Millers Death of a Salesman was attempting to be. Featuring a love quadrangle, a milkman, and an awkward family dinner, the play is, at its heart, a family drama about love, loss, and what it means to be truly human.

In The Inspired Waterfountain Players present The Elephant in the Room, Jacks two brainchildren collide into a glorious mess that can only be described as art.


Jake Mierva (Producer, Writer, Director, Jack Marvin). Jake is a Minneapolis based theatre artist finishing up his senior year at the University of Minnesota with a double major in Theatre Arts and English. Some of his favorite roles have included Peter in The Kitchen and Matt of the Mint in The Threepenny Opera. Aside from his theatrical work, Jake is also a Co-Founder of Northern Nights Productions, a Twin Cities based film production company.

Jenny Shaw (Janie Shew). Jenny Shaw is very excited to be joining The Inspired Waterfountain Players as Janie Shew, the stage manager. Jenny is a junior at the University of Minnesota pursuing an individualized degree in theater, film, and mass communication. She is thankful to be part of such a goofy production, and to get to do it alongside her wonderful sister Natalie.

Danylo Loutchko (Co-creator, Producer, Danny Lutchke/Father). Danylo Loutchko is a theatre artist, musician, writer, and magician based in Minneapolis. His interests in theatre include but are not limited to Samuel Beckett, the Greeks, and clowning. Favorite roles: Ted in God's Ear, Crookfinger Jake in The Threepenny Opera, and Leonato in Much Ado About Nothing.

Margaret Rogers (Marjorie Dodgers/Mother). Margaret is a senior at University of Minnesota pursuing a BA degree in Theatre Arts. She was most recently seen in the UMN productions of Queering of the Shrew, Marisol, and The Threepenny Opera. What will she do upon graduation? Who's to say! But she is definitely excited to get her foot caught in all the stage doors the world has to offer.

Natalie Shaw (Natanya Shea/Daughter). Natalie Shaw is JAZZED to be performing as "Natanya Shae" in The Inspired Waterfountain Players presents The Elephant in the Room. Natalie is in her third year at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, studying Theatre Arts, Mass Communication, and Film & Media Studies. Natalie would like to send love to her twin sister, brother, father, and mother and no one else.

Nick Saxton (Nook Sockman/Son). Previous acting experiences include work at the Guthrie, Southern, Illusion, Childrens, and Red Eye theatres, among others. He started acting right when it is that you stop getting referred to as a child I hope. He recently made his directorial debut with Hot Air, which was awarded best in venue at the 2017 Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Sam Bates-Norum (Seamus BNorm/Boyfriend). Sam Bates Norum is a Des Moines raised Minneapolis based theatre artist. His philosophy is centered on the idea that theatre should be interrogative of the world in which it exists and those who create it - including himself. A senior at the University of Minnesota, you can see him there in A Midsummers Nights Dream this February.
Brian Grossman (The Elephant). Brian was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In addition to the numerous shows hes been in around the Twin Cities, he also does film work. He is a film buff who devotes his life to his passion for films and acting.

Anna Pladson (Stage Manager). Anna Pladson graduated from the University of Minnesota this Spring with a BA in Theatre Arts. Anna has stage managed for Home and Community Options productions of Shrek, and Mary Poppins, the Margolis Brown Adaptors production HEADSHOT, as well as Off-Leash Area's production Dancing on the Belly of the Beast. In the fall of 2016 she performed with Combustible Company in their production of Bluebeard's Dollhouse. Most recently, Anna has performed for Slap Happy Studios production of The Bechdel Show at Bryant Lake Bowl Theater. As well as Assistant Directed Queering of the Shrew at the University of Minnesota.




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