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Minne Mini Film Festival (10-5)
Bryant-Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater
810 West Lake Street, MN
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Presented by Persistence of Vision: A Filmmaking Collective

The Minne Mini Film Festival isn't like most film festivals. Our program has a key defining element: all films are two-minutes in length or less! The Minne Mini has a little something for everyone. Films range in genre from drama and comedy to romance and horror and more! You'll see the work of filmmakers from all over the world, too, including plenty of especially short shorts from right here in Minnesota.

The goal of the Minne Mini is to be inclusive of filmmakers of all experience levels and representative of the diverse voices in the Twin Cities filmmaking community and beyond. We see the two-minute time limit as a great equalizer - a unifying blank canvas. We give every filmmaker the same amount of time to express themselves, but what they do with that time is entirely their own.

Much like the films being shown, our festival is short by comparison: about 2 hours. However, since the films are all two minutes or less, we can show a lot in that brief amount of time! Expect over 50 films to screen during our show!With that number of voices on display and the variety of content, our program is quite a wild ride! We hope you join us for this teeny-tiny cinematic odyssey, followed by drinks and discussion with fellow film-lovers and filmmakers.

Festival website: www.minneminifest.com/
Persistence of Vision Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ACFMFC/

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Bryant-Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater (View)
810 West Lake Street
810 West Lake Street, MN 55408
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