UFO Factory
Detroit, MI
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In the beginning was the guitar, electric. Like the monoliths of old, standing tall at crucial, evol points in our "civilization." In those days before the Axis, SOVA was a youngster. He moved to the music. He set the clock to the rock. The axe was an instrument wielded by heroes, and looking at them, he could imagine his hands on their necks. He knew he was capable of handling them. He anticipated getting into jams with them, and getting out.

Some years down the line, EARLY SURF is the second full-length trip into the AXIS -- a journey that's landed on a couple 7"s and, most recently, a gnarly cassette along the way -- but SOVA's been playing and recording for awhile now; thus, the issue of getting sounds from within his head all the way out of there and into the mix is less a battle and more a way of life. To go ALL THE WAY at any given phase, AXIS: SOVA was brought home, and to a variety of locales, where recording and re-recording and mixing and remixing could potentially reach the infinite. It's there he got really down into it, collaging riffs and inspirations, scraping and scrapping the blown-out waves from his amps to make SONGS. Tweaking the minutia with headphones (from his phones to yours!), AXIS: SOVA fought and fucked the cassette tape limits in order to get a slice of weirdo bedroom vibe-cake, with a mega-bent guitar focus, to make EARLY SURF.

All kinda tones exist on EARLY SURF, but spontaneity, first takes: those are the coveted sonics. Obvious. Capturing waves inappropriately, building on warped and melted foundations, AXIS: SOVA erected a transmitter to draw in the deep space we're all so ready for. And even though the sounds are thick with damp skin basement murk and with vaseline rubbed sexy on the lens; even though the lyrics are unbalanced, damaged-receptor type musings, barked/crooned in mangled, cross-talking voices you can't really hear anyway, the wildness and beat, the drive and energy, the licking and strutting stuttering of guitar rocknroll that so inspired young Sova is out in full effect, riptiding from shore to shining shore.

Heavy jams for light heads! Visceral fireworks lighting up the hemispheres! Fun times with torch tunes and scorch sounds! Call it what you want -- AXIS: SOVA pulled these songs out of his head like eyeballs, fresh and round, sight damaged, with nerve endings dangling. The feeling is like nothing else, and super-motivating. From time to time, we may turn a little pale, get stuck out in an outside/inside space, and mistake hallucinations for reality. Only then do we realize that we've come by our psychic stress honestly, that the demon is REAL . . . exorcizing the hard-wired routine, lulled by repetition, we are drawn to the edges of our personal beaches, to be recycled in some briny water.
What could be wilder than that? EARLY SURF.


UFO Factory (View)
2110 Trumbull St
Detroit, MI 48216
United States


Music > Experimental

Minimum Age: 18
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!