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The Jazz Bakery is "the most prestigious jazz space in Los Angeles" -a serious, no-frills, seven-nights-a-week nonprofit listening room of international renown, where everybody who's anybody has played; where iconic musicians turn up as regularly in the audience as on the bandstand; where just ascending the stage is a sure sign that you've made it into the music's highest ranks." -LA Weekly, The House that Ruth Built


Anthony Wilson -Songs and Photographs

March 31, 2018 8:00 PM

Ruth Price: This evening with Anthony is a multi-level project. I am going to let him speak for himself. The following is as he presented it to me in his own words: Anthony Wilson: The dream band Ill be using is the band I am making my next record with... (Songs and Photographs). It includes Gerald Clayton on piano, Joshua Crumbly (from Kamasi Washingtons band) on bass, drummer Jay Bellerose, and Patrick Warren on alternate keyboards. The music is almost exclusively original songs that Ive written. Half the songs we do are instrumental, half include lyrics that I sing. Some of the songs venture into a territory that some might not consider strictly jazz, but there is no way that any of the songs could have ever been written by anybody without a very deep jazz history. The new album I am making will also include a book of my photography, which is mostly a type of landscape and street-based photography, done on film. The name of the project is simple Songs and Photographs and the visual elements are meant to be in a kind of dialogue with the music The songs feel as though they tell short stories about places, alternative worlds, magical aspects of relationships, random objects. There will also be some kind of slide-show of images that will be shown during the performance I am very excited about this project. Ruth: He couldn't be as excited as I am ! We are all in for a very special event that will preview Anthonys upcoming release Concerts and Conversations with Southern California Jazz Legends funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.
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saxophonist David Sanchez Septet

April 07, 2018 8:00 PM

The music that Sanchez and his quartet played on this occasion proved at least as intense, profound and complex as ever, the saxophonist leading comparably accomplished musicians in an evening of original music. From the first notes of Sanchezs Morning Mist, there was no mistaking the penetrating quality of the tenor saxophonists tone, the fluidity of his thought, nor the remarkable evenness of his articulation. Sanchez was a distinctive thinker and technical whiz when he made his Chicago debut alongside pianist and fellow rising star Danilo Perez in 1994, and Sanchezs art has only deepened since then. In Morning Mist, the saxophonist invoked a huge, husky sound to express bold, brawny melodic ideas. But as always has been the case with Sanchez, its what he did with his motifs that mattered most.
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guitarist Lionel Loueke Trio feat. Massimo Biolcati, bass Ferenc Nemeth, dr

April 15, 2018 7:00 PM

The Lionel Loueke Trio needs no collaborators, extra production, or overdubs; they can -- and do -- deliver almost endless variations on all the stylistic genres they choose. The kinetic energy and obvious delight expressed by these players in intimate-idea-rich conversation make for a glorious excursion.
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drummer Willie Jones III WJ3 Quintet

April 21, 2018 8:00 PM

Drummer Willie Jones III is best experienced front row, and full throttle. His latest release is Groundwork featuring compositions by Cedar Walton, Eric Reed and Buster Williams. When Willie was still living in LA, Billy Higgins told him: Dont wait for somebody else to decide when you are ready to be a leader. Well... Willie is now one of the world's leading jazz drummers and a brilliant leader. Eric Reed says: Willie has a west-coast swagger to his swing that isnt lackadaisical and a New York edge that isnt overwhelming. There is nothing academic about Willie on the bandstand. With the band Willie has put together for this gig, we will be hearing what Willie calls... Straight-Swingin-Real-Jazz ! !
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drummer Dafnis Prieto Si O Si Quartet

April 28, 2018 8:00 PM

Drummer Preitos music is deep, rich and complex and to hear such a world class quartet navigating this music live cements his reputation as a formidable technician and visionary. All about Jazz
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