Thunder Records

Thunder Records

College Park, MD

Thunder Records is the promotional arm of Washington%u2019s Entertainment Connection. WEC is the only agency owned and operated by A-list musicians, whose principal goal is to find great bands, and to match them with great clients looking for live music to create awesome parties and celebrations of all types. Thunder Records promotes those bands represented by WEC that want to do more than just play parties. TR supports and promotes those bands that want to travel, go on tour and perform for festivals, concerts and live shows around the country.

So, here%u2019s how it works: If you are looking to find the perfect band for your event, whether that be a corporate event, party, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah, wedding, whatever, the agency of Washington%u2019s Entertainment Connection is your place to go for guidance, advice, band selection and information on how to select the perfect band for your party. Thunder Records is the base where travelling bands (or bands that want to travel and tour) can be listed, find representation, get advice, find the work and do it right. Thunder Records locates tour and performance options, and arranges for the sale of the collateral merchandise, including the shirts, hats, CD%u2019s, posters and other promotional items to sell while out.

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Thunder Records

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