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Ndebele Funeral Brings South African Struggles to the Stage

Set in contemporary South Africa, “Ndebele Funeral” tells the story of Daweti, a scholar with HIV, who is living in a Soweto shack and refuses medication. Music, dance, poetry and humor explore themes of loss and disappointment. In a 2014 article, New York Times called this play, “a grim portrait of contemporary South Africa.”

“It’s really about the dreams we have for our lives and getting to a place where we realize that the lives we’re leading are nothing at all like the lives that we wanted to lead,” said Jonathan David Martin, Co-Artistic Director. “All three characters in the play come from different parts of South African society and culture and they are all connected in that way, through their dreams.”

Produced by the not-for-profit Smoke & Mirrors Collaborative, “Ndebele Funeral” has been performed in New York, Johannesburg and Edinburgh.