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Get Around Edinburgh on Public Transportation

Edinburgh Public Transportation

Avoid driving around Edinburgh and hop on public transportation instead—especially during festival season when the streets fill with pedestrians.

Lothian bus company is really reliable, most if not all city centre bus stops have digital trackers that allow bus riders to see when each bus is coming.

Lothian also offers the tram from Edinburgh Airport to York Place. The tram offers a pleasant, quick and efficient journey. It is also budget friendly at £1.60, the same as a single ride on a bus, or for a £4.00 ‘Day Saver,’ you can have unlimited rides on buses and the tram (City Fare Zone) during the day.

Lothian also has a series of reliable night buses at a £3.00 fare.

If you know you will be hopping on and off buses day and night or taking trams for a set amount of time, grab a Rideacard from one of the Lothian travel shops. It costs £18 per adult for one week and a four-week Rideacard is £54 for an adult, £45 for a student and £29 for a junior (5-15yrs). Check out the smartphone apps and maps and timetables.

For longer distance travel from city to city, head to the bus station Elder Street. Book in advance for cheaper travel. The Megabus is the way to go.

Of course, there are times when you may be too festival fatigued to brave the bus. Grab one of the black cabs—there are taxi ranks around the city centre and you will see a few shiny cars waiting just for you.