Cat McInally

Customer Support Representative

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Cat handles customer support and office administration. She sings and performs in productions across the city, travels and cooks. Rumor has it—she makes a mean haggis pizza.

Edinburgh Public Transportation

Get Around Edinburgh on Public Transportation

Avoid driving around Edinburgh and hop on public transportation instead—especially during festival season when the streets fill with pedestrians.

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Get Schooled in Scottish Slang

First time in Scotland? Don’t be a daftie, a creeping Jesus or a bam or you might take a dunt to the head. Say what? Brush up on your Scottish slang before your trip, so you don’t have to wonder whether you were just insulted or complimented.

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5 Unusual Edinburgh Venues

See a music act in a 100-year-old vault, haunt a (possibly) haunted pub or watch fireworks from an open-air bandstand next to a castle. Discover Edinburgh’s unusual venues.

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