Caroline Planque

Francophone Community Development

Caroline is in charge of all French content and outreach. A free electron, she travels between Seattle, NYC and Edinburgh when she's not helping events in France or Canada. A photographer and social justice advocate.

Venue Spotlight: Glue Factory, by the Artists for the Artists

Behind the walls of an industrial former glue factory in north Glasgow lies an unexpected surprise—an independent events space and art studio hub. Now in its sixth year, the non-profit community interest company maintains affordable work studios while occasionally leasing the rest of the building to event organizers. A risograph print maker, textile artist, sound […]

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Solas Festival, a Trans-Generational Gathering Place

Over its seven iterations, Solas Festival has morphed into a trans-generational gathering place focused on the arts and the sharing of creative ideas. Debs Hahn describes Solas as “a party, but what sets it aside … is the sharing of creative ideas, exploring them and creating a community for the weekend.”

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9 Tips to Fringe First-Timers from Acoustic Music Centre

The Acoustic Music Centre operates during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and showcases roots/acoustic/Celtic music at St Bride’s near Haymarket. Read to find out the founder’s tips to Fringe first-timers.

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History of Govanhill Baths in Glasgow

Govanhill Baths opened in 1917 and is now a health centre featuring three pools, a Turkish suite, a place to bathe and a space to wash clothes. This unusual venue has quite the story. In March 2001, the city council abruptly closed Govanhill Baths without consulting the public or the pool users.

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Discover the Hidden Door Festival

Hidden Door is an eclectic art experience fit for all ages. Physical art, fine art, music and more.

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Ndebele Funeral Brings South African Struggles to the Stage

Set in contemporary South Africa, Ndebele Funeral has been performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as well as in New York and Johannesburg. Music, dance, poetry and humor explore themes of loss and disappointment.

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18 Must-Attend Festivals in Edinburgh

Whatever you’re into, chances are Edinburgh has a festival dedicated to it. August hosts a slew of festivals, including Fringe, but there’s plenty going on year-round. Whether you dig music, art, science or film, Edinburgh has a festival for you.

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Edinburgh, Home of the Fringe

The Fringe started in 1947 in parallel to (some say as a reaction to) the creation of the Edinburgh International Festival. Learn the interesting history of the world’s largest arts festival.

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Fringe by the Sea

Go Coastal: Fringe by the Sea

Thanks to thick crowds and many, many cultural offerings, August in Edinburgh is overwhelming. But quieter settings and a more accessible experience is just an hour east in coastal North Berwick.

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