Amanda Halm


Amanda is our resident word nerd. Based in Seattle, she crafts copy, polishes content and maintains social media. She is also a travel and fiction writer, animal enthusiast, Murakami devotee and avid volunteer.


How to Attract Press to Your Fringe Performance

With more than two thousand performances at Fringe, landing the coveted five-star rave review from The Scotsman is like running 50 kilometers backwards. In short: extremely difficult. Read on for some pointers for attracting press to your performance.

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How to Budget for Fringe

Edinburgh Festival Fringe may be a worthwhile investment paved with golden opportunity after opportunity … or it may be a learning experience with a hefty price tag. Here’s how to create a Fringe budget that works.

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Locals’ Guide to Edinburgh’s Best Brews, Views and Bites

We polled our team to find the top local picks for restaurants, pubs and attractions in Edinburgh. All spots are local tested and local approved. Enjoy.

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Edinburgh Public Transportation

Get Around Edinburgh on Public Transportation

Avoid driving around Edinburgh and hop on public transportation instead—especially during festival season when the streets fill with pedestrians.

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Get Schooled in Scottish Slang

First time in Scotland? Don’t be a daftie, a creeping Jesus or a bam or you might take a dunt to the head. Say what? Brush up on your Scottish slang before your trip, so you don’t have to wonder whether you were just insulted or complimented.

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5 Unusual Edinburgh Venues

See a music act in a 100-year-old vault, haunt a (possibly) haunted pub or watch fireworks from an open-air bandstand next to a castle. Discover Edinburgh’s unusual venues.

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8 Secrets to Surviving (and Thriving at) Fringe

Edinburgh in August. The crowds are thick, the weather is unpredictable and the pints are pouring. Fringe is an unforgettable experience, worthy of any bucket list, but requires preparation to prevent a poor travel experience.

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