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How to Verify a PayPal Account

In order to use a PayPal account to process payments for your events, you’ll need to be PayPal verified.

The below instructions will show you how to verify a PayPal Standard Account and a PayPal Business Account on PayPal. When you’ve completed verifying your PayPal account, activate it on Brown Paper Tickets under Financial Settings.

Verify a PayPal “Standard” Account

1. Create a PayPal account if you do not have one.

2. Log into your account. Select the Link a Bank icon beneath the Get More from PayPal… headline. If you do not see the icons, tap the Complete Your Profile link at the top left.


3. Select your bank from the logos. If you don’t see your bank, select I Have a Different Bank at the bottom right.

4. Fill out your account information.

You will need to complete your profile. Tap the Complete Your Profile link under your name and finish these items if you haven’t yet.

1. Confirm your email address.
2. Confirm your mobile.
3. Link your card.

Verify a PayPal Business Account
1. Log into your PayPal Business account
2. To the upper right, select the Business Profile icon, appears to the immediate left of the log out button
3. Under To-Do List, select Add Your Bank Account.


Follow the steps to add your bank account and verify your PayPal Business account.

Complete your profile with the following steps:
1. Confirm your email address.
2. Confirm your mobile.
3. Link your card.