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How to Scan Tickets with the Brown Paper Tickets Scanner App

Easily scan tickets and check in guests right from your mobile device. First, you’ll need to activate barcodes for your event date(s) in your Brown Paper Tickets account.  Then, you’re ready to start scanning with the app.

Activate Barcodes for Your Event Date(s)

1. Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account on our website.

2. Select Box Office from the top navigation bar


3. Select Manage Mobile Scanning from the Box Office menu, under Day Of tools


4. In the top right corner, select Add New Event/Price


5. Check the box next to the event and/or bulk orders you will scan tickets for and select Add Barcodes. Note that if your event has multiple dates, each date will be listed individually.


6. You’ll be taken back to the Loaded Events page, with the dates and bulk orders you selected activated and ready for scanning. Each price level will be listed individually.


Please note that if you add more prices or dates after activating your barcodes, you will need to follow these steps again. For this reason, we recommend you only activate your barcodes once online sales have ended for your performance.

How to Scan Tickets with Your Mobile Device (iPhone, Android or Tablet)

1. Open the scanner app and log in to your account.

1 login screen-5-app
2. Position the barcode from the print-at-home, physical or mobile ticket in the center of the square.

3. It focuses and scans automatically using your phone’s camera. If you’re in darkness and the flash is off, tap the lighting bolt to turn it on.
4. When the scan is successful, a Ticket Scanned message appears.

5. If the scanner cannot read the barcode, you can manually enter the barcode ID. Simply select Manual from the bottom right and enter the barcode ID.


6. Select the square icon from the top left to view the scan history, including how many tickets have been admitted to the event and how many remain.

7.  To manage guests exiting and re-entering the event and revalidate barcode entries, you can unscan tickets.

Tap Scan to change the app into Unscan mode. Center the ticket in the square or manually enter the barcode by selecting Manual from the bottom right and entering the barcode ID when prompted. A Ticket Unscanned message appears when the app has successfully unscanned the ticket.

Error Messages

Already Admitted: Barcode has previously been validated for this event.
Invalid Barcode: This is not the correct ticket for this event, ticket has been cancelled/refunded, or the initial set-up step of activating barcodes to mobile scanning is not complete.