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How to Create a Donation-Only Page

Collect donations for charities and causes right through your Brown Paper Tickets page with no service fees charged from us. While Brown Paper Tickets takes no fees from donations, your credit card processor might.

Use the following instructions to make a donations-only page (i.e. prices that do not include admission to an event).

Before You Begin
1. Make sure your Brown Paper Tickets account is connected to your own credit card processor, such as PayPal or a custom merchant account. Due to an agreement with our bank, Brown Paper Tickets’ credit card processor cannot accept charitable donations.

To set up a non-Brown Paper Tickets credit card processor, take the following steps:

A.) Register for the processor you’d like to use.
B.) Log in to your Brown Paper Tickets account and access your Financial Settings, located under the Account menu.

Select the processor you’d like to use and follow the integration steps listed on the page.

2. Create a page for your charity. Log in to your account, select Create Your Event, select the blue Get Started button.

3. Fill in the Name, Short Description and Full Description of your cause.

4. Fill out a Location. Since it’s not an actual event, use your address or the charity’s address. Input your Public Contact Info so those who wish to donate can contact you with questions.


5. Fill in the Event Start Date and End Date. The Event Start Date must occur on a future date, it cannot be today. The sales period is connected to the Event Start Date, so we recommend that you set the Start Date to when you want the window for donations to end.

6. Select Add This Date. Uncheck all Delivery Methods except Will-Call. (Once the event page is saved, you can make changes by logging into your account and selecting Manage Your Events. You should see the event page you have created. Select Go to the left of the event name.)


7. Scroll to Add A Price below Add A Date. Create a Price Name according to your preference. This will appear on your public page. Input “donation” or “donation only,” or include donation level names, such as basic level, super supporter, gold star giver.

Note: The donation price may only be used for a direct financial contribution to the organizer or organization. No tickets will be created for donations.

8. Add a value for the donation. Enter A Price.


9. Enter the Price Description (e.g. Donation Only).

10. Select the Show Advanced Price Options link under the Price Description field.


11. Under sale type, select Donation.


12. Under Price Type select Fixed if you want to set a fixed donation value for people to contribute. Select Variable if you want to set a minimum donation value and allow people to increase their contribution. Only one donation may be placed per order, so variable pricing is generally recommended to allow your donors to choose exactly how much they’d like to donate.

13. Customize other price specifications as needed.

14. Select the blue Add This Price button. You can now review your dates and prices under Your Dates & Prices. Tap Next at the bottom of the page to go on creating the rest of your event.

15. You will now be taken to the Payment section. Check the box next to the credit card processor you’d like to use to process donations. Remember to uncheck the box next to the Brown Paper Tickets’ Credit Card Processor as well.


16. Select Next to continue through the remaining sections and configure your event as necessary. When your event is ready, tap the orange Create Event button located on the dark gray bar to submit the event for our review.