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How to Transfer Tickets to a Friend from a Mobile Device

To Transfer Your Ticket to a friend, you must have already purchased tickets and requested mobile delivery.

1. Go to your account.

-Access the blue My Tickets link in the top right.
-When you have logged in successfully, you will see your purchased tickets in a blue box under My Tickets.


2. Choose the event of the ticket you would like to transfer and access the Click to View link in the bottom right hand corner of the blue highlighted area.

You will now see ticket details, name of the event, start date, end time, price paid, ticket type, number and bar code.


3. Select the Transfer to a Friend button beneath the barcode

4. Fill out your friend’s valid mobile phone number and country.


5. Your friend will receive a text message: “(your user id) has sent you a ticket! Collect your ticket at:” followed by a unique URL. Accessing this URL will take you to the Brown Paper Tickets website, where your friend will be required to log in to their account, or create an account if they do not have one.

6. Once your friend has logged in to their account, the ticket will be transferred from your account to your friend’s. Congrats.

Please note: 

-After 10 transfer requests, the ticket can no longer be sent to a friend.

-If you transfer your ticket to more than one friend, the first one to accept it will get to keep it.