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How to Buy a Season Pass

1. On the event page, find the season pass for you and select the Quantity. Select Add to Cart.


2. Review your cart. When all of the passes you wish to purchase are in your cart, select the orange button Check Out Now!.

3. Fill out the requested details to complete your purchase. Then select Complete Order.


4. When your order is complete, you will be taken to the Order Confirmation page, but hold on there, you’re not completely done. You still need to make reservations for the individual events in the season using our Pass Management system.


5. On the purchase confirmation screen, you should see a large section labeled as Pass Management. Within this section, you’ll be able to use the Reserve Tickets option to make Will-Call reservations for individual events in the season.

Note: Once you’ve placed your reservations, all you will need to bring is a photo ID to the door.

6. Under the Reserve Tickets field, select an event from the drop down menu and select Continue. Next, choose a date and time from the drop down list and select Continue.

7. If the event has Assigned Seating, you’ll be prompted to either let the system choose seats for you, or to select your own seats. Choose whichever option you prefer, as well as a Quantity for the number of reservations you’d like. Select Continue.


8. Your reservations should now be complete for that event. Under Tickets reserved with this pass, you will see a list of tickets reserved with your pass. Below Pass Information, you will see how many tickets are reserved and how many tickets remain.