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Of The Orchard "Stripped Down To Our Stockings" Holiday Show
Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater
Minneapolis, MN
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Minneapolis-based indie-rock group, Of The Orchard, released 4 songs before they even realized they were a band. They began playing together in Spring 2017 when singer/songwriter, Ben Vanden Boogaard, set a personal goal to release 10 music videos in 10 consecutive months and recruited some of his most talented friends from college to help him do it. Over that time something greater began to take root for the group. Somewhere between the late nights and the even later nights, friends began to feel more like family, and the personality, talent, and vision of each member combined to make music that is greater than the sum of its parts. Only at that point did they discover, the real band was inside of them the whole time.

Fast-forward 2 years and much like a millennial college graduate, Of The Orchard is slowly but surely figuring out their place in the world. Theyve now played over 50 shows together and are emerging as a band to watch in the Twin Cities music scene. With their sights set on a 2020 debut album release, OTO is anxiously putting on the finishing touches to a set of songs that tap into each of the genre-bending styles that fans have loved from their earlier work while creating a newer, more defined sound. With hints of folk, pop, alt-rock, and pop punk, Of The Orchards debut album will have a little bit of something for each music listener. And as it turns out, the true songs are the friends we make along the way.


INLAND COASTAL has often been referred to as the "okayest" band in the Twin Cities. Reunited in May 2018, after a hiatus of nearly 8 months, the band quickly took to the local bar scene in search of growth and an audience. In late 2018, with the help of the fine folks at Uptown Sound, the Coastal boys released their first EP, Find My Way, a smattering of indie-folk-blues-rock tunes that brought them all back together again.

Since Find My Way, the band has sought to develop an eclectic catalog of music, blending the various musical backgrounds and influences that each member brings to the table. Whether it be alt-rock, bluesy folk, or pop-punk, Inland Coastal is sure to provide easter eggs for any fan of guitar-based music.

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Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater (View)
810 W Lake Street
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