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TWO RUM PARTIES OF SIGNIFICANCE Workshop Presentation (12-3)
Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater
Minneapolis, MN
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Presented by Umbrella Collective

Experience a fresh new play-in-progress, and lend your voice to the play-making process! Umbrella Collective brings the rough drafts, big ideas, and burning questions to the audience par-baked to give YOU a chance to help shape the future of the work.

Swashbuckling, rum, screwing gender expectations, and a mermaid who is more than he seems. TWO RUM PARTIES OF SIGNIFICANCE explores the real-life love, loss, and adventures of two infamous figures from the Golden Age of Piracy  Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Ahoy, bitches.

Conceived by Laura Leffler
Created with Umbrella Collective and the ensemble

Project Lead: Laura Leffler
Playwright: Megan Clark
Director: Meghan Gunderson
Producer: Hannah K. Holman
Featuring: Gracie Anderson, Ricardo Beaird, Morgen Chang, Cameron Reeves, Allison Witham

Umbrella Collective's signature audience conversations are introvert and extrovert friendly! After you see the work, we'll ask some questions like: What moments stuck with you? What are you excited to see more of? What would you want to see differently? (and more!) We believe the audience is a vital part of the creation process, and we want to know what you think! All audience members are invited to participate in the conversation, or just listen and write down thoughts on the surveys we provide. We welcome feedback in whatever way is most comfortable to you. You can also always email us at hello@umbrellaco.org

Umbrella Collective (formerly Savage Umbrella) collaborates to create stunning and engaging new works of theater that foster vital conversations. We believe that when we work together we can do so much more than we ever could alone. Together is better. Get under the umbrella.

Website: www.UmbrellaCo.org
Email: hello@Umbrellaco.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GetUnderTheUmbrella
Instagram: @GetUnderTheUmbrella
Twitter: @UmbrellaCo_

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Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater (View)
810 W Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408
United States



Non-Smoking: Yes!
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!


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