CultOurvators coLlaboratiVe SchooCanBeeCootOur with F.E.T.E & Flowers of the Ancestors Indigenous Arts & Sciences Academy
Departure Point -
Philadelphia, PA
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CultOurvators coLlaboratiVe SchooCanBeeCootOur with F.E.T.E & Flowers of the Ancestors Indigenous Arts & Sciences Academy
Forces are gathering next Sunday in an eVentOur that will involve some sacred Math. CultOurvators will present a colLaboratiVe eVentOur with Sanctuary Wholistic Arts and Finding Empowerment Through Education (FETE). We will be eXploring a swath of this beautiful city with a focus on the link between ancestral knowledge, skills and experiences and the growth and well-being of present generations. This intergenerational eVentOur wiLl wind along the SchuylkiLl banks & into Brewerytown stopping at cultural and ecological pressure points along the way. Participants a.k.a. CultOurvators wiLl be encouraged to express their personal experience of the terrain along the way through discussion & other modalities. The eVentOur will culminate in a visit to Sanctuary Wholistic Arts to bring our focus to a powerful model of local coMmunity-based wholistic education. There wiLl be eh jaMmING afterparty at 5pm with performances by Alien Architect & other local musicians.

CultOurvators taps into the artistic & cultural matrix of our habitat. We trek together and meet with makers, artists & artisans. We observe and discuSs and often dance in the street. We document our experience together in a variety of ways including but not limited to multi-faceted storytelling acroSs time and space. We keep in touch and strengthen the cultural and interpersonal matrix that is our local living economic ecological system.

Flowers of the Ancestors Indigenous Arts & Sciences is a family educational cooperative that focuses on education as a mean of freedom and freedom as the only true means of education. The school is comprised of families creating unique full time homeschooling curricula and learning opportunities for toddlers and their parents/
caregivers. Focusing on literacy, mathematics, science, art and music, Children are encouraged to think for themselves and taught to seek out information on any topic that is of interest to them. Parents are asked to contribute time and resources to create learning environments in which the children can thrive. Families, no matter their geographic location, stay in contact with each other and utilize all means of communicatio and n to share experiences and learning. The collective currently has memberships to a few of Philadelphia's museums and regularly attends and hosts arts and cultural events.
Finding Empowerment Through Education is a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate the social and economic restraints of a lack of adequate, quality education. F.E.T.E. seeks to empower underserved youth by equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to exemplify scholarship, leadership and honorability.



Departure Point - (View)
2121 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
United States

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