Herschel / 30,000 Kilohertz of Sound
The Peoples Improv Theater
New York, NY
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Herschel / 30,000 Kilohertz of Sound
Eons ago, by some force random or deliberate, life began. Evolution altered the very nature of that life. The slow, measured burn of change; the savage and brutal reality of life and pain, the dying of the old with the birth of the new. Through this looking glass, in the distance of space and stars, an infinite universe sprawling, something crashes through light and sound waves to make itself known to you. It can't be made out...it's a word...

Busted and bruised along a path of treacherous turns, the entity staggers forward. An unyielding sun scorching the skin of our wayward traveler and melts the days to weeks...months...years. Onward presses the orphaned bastard of comedy, tripping over rock-bed creeks, straggled branches and a wandering mind. The mind of a vagabond; the most dangerous obstacles, of course, are the ones you put in front of yourself. Then, as if willed or destined, eyes dance upon a sedimentary rock on the ground and the moniker crudely carved into it...

A brotherhood forged in fire; shared failure, success culminates in the manifestation of trust. Bold, creative, fearless. The connection of synapse to synapse; for pleasure yours and ours. Moments of joy and horror dance like flames. Weight shift creaks. Pursed lips and the widening whites of eyes. Feel and hear their lean. A boom. A white noise purging shower of laughter. Despair. Love. Friendship. Betrayal. Rinse and repeat. Alternate in hot and cool water, and then, through bloodshot eyes and steamed air, something is transposed against a frigid wintery window pane. It's...it's a name...

When cities are meticulously built for your pleasure and ruthlessly burned for ours...your heart has been manipulated. Your body has been re-engineered. Your mind has been compromised. You've seen Herschel do improv...

Herschel is: Michael Sean Cirelli, Nathan Clancy, Gary DeNoia, Lucas Zachary Hazlett & Erick Hellwig.

30,000 Kilohertz of Sound is a dark show that uses found sounds from across the Internet  as inspiration for a montage of scenes.

Recordings of past LIVE and studio shows are available on iTunes and at 30000khz.com.

30,000 Kilohertz of Sound includes: Brigid Boyle, Kevin Cragg, Dan Fairall, Eden Gauteron, Damon Ketron, Michael McFarland and Ashley Ward.



The Peoples Improv Theater (View)
123 East 24th Street
New York, NY 10010
United States

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