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Goings and Goings Entertainment

Sacramento, CA

Goings and Goings Entertainment is committed to bring to you QUALITY events and concerts. We are a company that can produce a product launch party, a book release party, a CD release party, a Grand Opening for your new business, and of course our specialty, charity events for your charity. We also produce concerts and comedy shows.
In addition, we also are a talent management firm with a core belief that the talent is worth more than the firm that represents them. With our experience in the entertainment industry, we have been able to open the doors for various artists, and help guide them down the appropriate path. we are family owned with good family values. Every one of our artist is a member of our family and is treated as such.


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Goings and Goings Entertainment
Goings and Goings Entertainment

5801 Revelstok
Sacramento, CA 95842


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