PTLA - Parenting Together Living Apart
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Thursday May 15, 2014 9:00 AM - Thursday Dec 08, 2016 9:00 AM | Free


PTLA - Parenting Together Living Apart
A 3 hour parent awareness program for never married parents designed to raise awareness about the importance of raising children cooperatively.  This program is most effective when utilized prior to mediation.  There is no cost for attendance.

1.  To encourage never married parents to build parental partnerships and trust in order to minimize conflict and the adverse effects it has on children.

2.  To help never married parents understand the significance and importance of children maintaining a relationship with both parents and the benefits of fathers involvement.

3.  To encourage parents to develop cooperative communication skills that will allow them to negotiate better decisions on behalf of their children.

4.  To encourage and emphasize the importance and need for parents to financially support their children.

Classes are available at no charge to never married parents with children involved in paternity actions.  A court order is not required.  Participants attend one 3 hour session.  Contact the Family Court Resource Services office at 816 881-1814 for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parent Awareness Courses

1. How long is the PTLA class?
Answer: PTLA is a 3 hour class.

2. Do I pay a fee for this class?
Answer: No. All participants attend free of charge.

3. I do not want to attend class with my child's other parent.  Is there anyway to avoid this during the registration process?
Answer: Perhaps. Contact the Family Court Resource Services office at 816 881-1814 for assistance.

4. I am currently married and my spouse is actively involved with my kids during my parenting time.  May I bring my spouse to class with me?
Answer: Yes. Each participant must be registered to attend the course, however.

5. I registered to attend class online but was unable to make it. What do I do?
Answer: Contact the Family Court Resource Services at
816-881-1814 for assistance.

6. I will be unable to attend class prior to my court date. What do I do?
Answer: Per Local Court Rule 68.13(3)in all cases (dissolution, post-dissolution and paternity proceedings) which have matters involving custody and/or visitation, all parties shall be required to attend the parent awareness program, except for good cause shown. Per Local Court Rule 68.13(6) If either party fails to attend the awareness program, the court may, on motion award attorney's fees and/or costs or impose any other appropriate sanction provided by the law.  
To understand your rights and responsibilities under this Rule it is recommended that you consult with an attorney.


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